About us

TML AG is a young and dynamic company and whose social object is the ship management as well in sea transport as in inland navigation. TML AG profits from a flexible and effective organization with clients in all Western Europe, having for goal: to make profit from its experiment in a collegial way allt the the companies of navigation operating on the international level. TML AG is the largest company in this kind and callaborates narrowly with the companies specialized in whole Europe.

TML AG provides a broad range of services to the owners of boats.

The principal activities regarding the ship management are:

• Technical management: - Accompaniment during repair
- Maintenance
- Accompaniment for construction of new boats
• Financial management: - The participation
- Management and finacial administration
- Requests for subsidy
- Finacial managemnt for ports and channesr
- The foundation and accompaniment of the firms
- Administration
- Financings
- Insurances
- Taxation and legal advices
• Crew management: - Teams
- Formations
- Training courses
- Provisions
- Medical examinations
• Safety management: - The council in safety
- Inspections of safety
- The inventory of the risks
- Accompaniment for the ISO standards